Aggression Under New Management

Posted on August 1st 2022

We are please to announce that Aggression will now be represented by AIM HIGH MGMT. A.I.M. High works with known metal acts such as Exodus, Death Angel, Heathen and Gruesome among others. At the same time we would like to thank Extreme Management Group, Inc. for years of believing in us and all the work they have put into the band. Onward to hell!!!




For immediate release - Aggression News

Posted on April 4th 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia – April 4th ,2022  

For immediate release

On November 24th, 2021, in the city of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Aggression’s co-founder and leader Denis “Sasquatch” Barthe was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers at his home for assault charges against his ex-girlfriend. Last week, the Province of British Columbia’s court system dropped all charges against Mr. Barthe since those allegations were deemed unfounded and unsubstantiated. Unfortunately, while he was in custody, Mr. Barthe’s home studio was raided and multiple valuable Aggression memorabilia were either stolen or destroyed including Banzai Records’ 1987 Full Treatment’s 1st copy ever pressed, original recording master tapes, 80’s unreleased demo tapes, lyric sheets, and irreplaceable religious literature. Since the arrest, Mr. Barthe’s underage children have been harassed and were sent pornographic material via social medias, while he personally received multiple death threats due to his ex-girlfriend online plea. Here is what Mr. Barthe had to say about the events: “There are no winners here, only a broken relationship, broken friendships, and broken families. Live, learn and move on. I wish my ex-girlfriend Annie and her family all the best and I hope she finds peace, love, and prosperity. To the individuals sending me death threats, see you on tour!” Aggression’s new LP will see the light of day at the end of 2022 on Xtreem Music.   

Aggression "Field of Nightmares" EP Available Now

Posted on November 5th 2021

‘Field Of Nightmares’ is a four track EP with the eerie opening of ‘Filtering Doom’ and even eerier closing of ‘Gambolling With the Undead’ making up the numbers. Sandwiched in the middle are four blistering slices of prime quality old school thrash, tight and precise, oozing great speedy riffs, thundering rhythms and snarling punk-infused attitude. ‘Poisonous Potion’ and ‘Dripping Flesh’ are thrash belters loosely in the vein of earlier Slayer, ‘Satanic Angel Holy Devil’ is another belter that alternated between fast and breakneck speed, whilst the jaw-dropping ‘Possessed by Dawn’ dispenses with the fast to concentrate purely on the breakneck speed from start to finish. Visit our online store to order now!!

Aggression will release a new EP entitled "Field of Nightmares" on May 21, 2021

Posted on April 26th 2021

Aggression and its manager, Mark Koeppel (Extreme Management Group) are proud to announce a new partnership with Blood Blast, a digital label part of the Nuclear Blast family. The first release from this association will be coming out May 28, 2021: the smokin’ brand new EP: Field of Nightmares featuring original band member Denis “Sasquatch” Barthe vocals debut.

Welcome to our new website!

Posted on November 5th 2020

Aggression… A name that represents a time when Thrash Metal ruled supreme, where the underground scene was filled with upcoming fresh talents, new sounds, and where being reckless was second nature. Welcome to our website. We want this platform to become the ‘go-to” place for everything that is related to Aggression. We will continue to ensure this legendary history of our band is represented here and that all information past, present and future is available to our fans. So, enjoy, sit tight and crank up the tunes to 11!!!